About the Compact

In a city where women make up more than half the residents and half the workforce, pay equity is not only the right thing to do, it is the smart thing to do. In partnership with Mayor Martin J. Walsh the BWWC implements the 100% Talent Compact, a first-in-the-nation approach to reaching pay equity for working women. To this day, over 250 Boston-area employers have pledged to closing the gender wage gap in our city.

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Compact Core Beliefs


Equity is a competitive advantage. Communities that invest all their human capital are better positioned to attract jobs and investment. Employers who respect, value, and engage all employees are better able to attract and retain talent.

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Women are one of the region’s greatest assets. In fact, in Boston, women make up more than half the residents and half the workforce. Boston is also home to the best educated female population in the nation and has a greater proportion of young women than any other city.


When women thrive, communities thrive. When women are empowered to achieve their full potential, families are healthier, communities are more vibrant, and employers are able to find and retain the talent they need to excel.


The gender wage gap is about more than a difference in pay. The wage gap signals that more can be done, in both the public and private sectors, to unleash the talent of all women - regardless of race, ethnicity or age.


Employer commitment is essential to closing the gap. Employer interventions are among the most effective remedies to the wage gap and contribute to enduring, positive change that benefits all employees.

Learn more about Mayor Walsh’s focus areas on advancing Boston women by clicking here.

Signing the Compact

Together with the leadership of the Mayor of Boston and Council members, the 100% Talent Compact signers commit to the following three goals:


Examine their own data and practices to assess whether or not a gender wage gap exists; and if so, take steps to reduce and eliminate the gap;


Anonymously contribute their wage data with the Council, which then creates a snapshot of what the wage gap looks like in our city;


Participate in quarterly briefing sessions and the annual Effective Practices conference to share interventions that have worked in their organization and learn more about cutting-edge research and management practices to advance wage equity.

Benefits of Signing the Compact


Be Part of a Network

Join a network of some of Boston’s biggest and most innovative employers. In addition to events, data cycles, we’ve created a community for continued conversations.

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Member-Only Events

Engage with other Compact signers on effective practices to reduce the wage gap and to develop the talent of their women employees at regular member events.

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City Leadership

Contribute to an annual discussion with Mayor Martin J. Walsh concerning employer’s experiences fighting for gender equity in the Boston workforce.

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National Impact

Generate valuable data to guide management decisions in hiring, promotion, pay, professional development investment.


Ready to join?

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For Current Signers

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100% Talent Member Branding Kit

Find the 100% Talent Compact Member seals, BWWC logos, press release templavte, social media kit, and more in our welcome kit.

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Upcoming Member Events

Check out our calendar to learn about the latest member events, Mayor’s Office of Women Advancement events, partner/community events, and the annual effective practices conference.

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2019 Data Reporting Cycle

It’s a data year! Check out the document below including training sessions for Compact signers and FAQs on how to have a successful data reporting cycle.

For Prospective Signers



Interested in joining but have more questions about the Compact? Check out our FAQ page to get your questions answered.


Membership Dues

The BWWC is an entirely employer-driven initiative, and as such collects annual membership dues to fund our data collection and analysis. Similar to many other Boston-area professional associations, we organize our membership dues schedule by size of organization. Members also have the option of becoming a Lead Sponsor. Learn more by downloading the flyer below.

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Data Security & Privacy

To ensure privacy and security of 100% Talent Compact signer's data, the BWWC partnered with Boston University's Hariri Institute for Computing to implement secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC) in the wage gaps analysis process. This enables us to analyze sensitive data that may otherwise not be accessible due to legal policies. Learn more by visiting our page below.

Have further questions about the 100% Talent Compact? Email us!