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Our mission

The Boston Women's Workforce Council’s (BWWC) mission is to close the gender pay gaps in the greater Boston area.

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We’re seeing more and more women at the top, but we need to keep this drumbeat going. We need to continue to light the way forward for smart and equitable leadership in American cities.

Mayor Martin J. Walsh, City of Boston

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Equal pay.

We work with businesses in the Greater Boston area to eliminate the gender-based wage gap by analyzing it.

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Check out our upcoming events including: quarterly member briefings, Innovators’ Breakfast, Male Allies, and our annual Effective Practices Conference.


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Equal Opportunity.

Removing the visible and invisible barriers to women’s advancement.

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We are grateful for the commitment of so many Boston area companies to participating in our wage gap measurement process. Together we will make Boston the best place in the US for working women.

Cathy Minehan & Evelyn Murphy, BWWC Co-Chairs

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100% Talent.

Over 250 companies have joined the 100% Talent Compact committed to making Boston the best place in the country for working women.

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